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Motor Insurance

Available For

Covers are available for the following categories of vehicles;

Private Cars

These will include Saloons, Station wagons, Estates, and the large Four Wheel Drives (4X4). The key aspect of these vehicles is that they must be used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only.

Commercial vehicles

These will range from small half ton pick ups to the large monster trucks on the roads.

They will also include:

  • Vans and company/school buses.
  • The key aspect here is that the vehicles must only be used for the insured business only and will exclude all usage for hire or reward e.g. taxis, matatus and any general carriage of goods for reward.
  • Carriage of passengers is usually excluded in this class but can be bought back at a modest fee.

Motor Cycles

Used for the insured’ business only

Other vehicles

These will include agricultural type vehicles of tractors, combine harvesters, construction vehicles of graders and shovels, to emergency response vehicles of ambulances, fire tenders etc.

Scope of cover

For each category of vehicle, three types of covers can be purchased;

Third Party Only (TPO)

This is the basic and minimum cover available. It provides for liability to third parties only in respect of bodily injury and damage to third party property. It is the mandatory cover that a motorist should have.

Third Party Fire and Theft (TPF&T)

In addition to the TPO cover above, this cover extends cover the insured’s vehicle against the risks of fire and theft, including partial theft.


This is a superior cover to all the others as in addition to TPF&T, it extends to cover any other accidental damage to the vehicles including collision, overturning, effects of floods, Earthquakes etc.