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Marine Cover - Your Cargo is in good hands

You can Now access our online Marine services at eInsurance. Our portal will enable you to generate quotes and buy your cover at the comfort of your seat.

In a Global economy, moving goods around the world can be a risky business. Organizations and individuals need to protect their cargo in order to remain in business.

Whether you ship by sea or air, Heritage Insurance Marine Cargo cover provides you with solid protection from the moment your goods leave the warehouse until they arrive at their eventual destination.

Our Warehouse-to-Warehouse insurance policy covers physical loss of or damage to your goods from external causes, including the following:

  • Expenses incurred to prevent or mitigate a loss.
  • General Average losses and General Average contributions.
  • Landing, warehousing and forwarding charges incurred as the result of an insured peril.
  • Loss or damage resulting from war risks, strikes, riots and/or civil commotion.
  • Theft and Hijacking.
  • Shortage and Non-delivery.
  • Loading and unloading

We at Heritage Insurance understand the issues that impact your business, including just-in-time delivery, supply chain complexities and business interruption exposures. We tailor our terms and conditions to suit your specific transportation and protection needs.


In the 2016/2017 budget statement the Minister for Finance directed KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) to ensure compliance with the Insurance Act Section 20, that requires placement of  Kenyan Insurance  business locally. Below is an extract of the Minister’s Speech: 

“Further, Mr. Speaker, and in order to support the insurance industry in Kenya, Section 20 of the Insurance Act expressly prohibits placement of “Kenyan Business” with non-Kenyan or foreign insurance markets except under certain circumstances. Despite the existence of the law, imports into Kenya continue to be on a Cost, Insurance and Freight basis instead of Cost and Freight basis. In effect Mr. Speaker, this denies insurance companies registered in Kenya huge business that could substantially benefit the industry and the economy as well. To address this Mr. Speaker, I am directing the Kenya Revenue Authority to work with the relevant stakeholders to ensure that this part of the law is implemented. Mr. Speaker, this will also be beneficial to Kenyan importers who under the current practice have limited recourse if anything happens to their imports before they arrive in the country. “ 

Implementation Process :

Following various consultative meetings between Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KMA), Association of Kenya Insurers(AKI) and other Stake holders, an implementation process was agreed upon and a roll out date of 1st  Jan,  2017.

KENTRADE was appointed as the Implementing Agency through their Single Window system.

The following was agreed upon as the implementation process:-

  1. All importers are required to register on the Ken Trade Portal (Single Window System) through the assistance of their clearing agents or directly.
  2. Insured  to select preferred insurer from the list uploaded in the Ken trade system, it is assumed the client will have engaged with the insurer or agent before hand to know the pricing offered.
  3. Once the importer has Keyed in their Personal details, and  select preferred insurer from the list uploaded in the Ken trade system,  the application is submitted on line. The Underwriter will get an e- alert on the request upon which  officers from the Insurer  will verify the details in the Ken trade system and provide details of  Premium, certificate number , stamp duty and other details
  4. Once the Insurer approves, the system will auto generate the Marine Cargo Insurance certificate (MCI) for clearing purposes and will have details of the officers from the Insurance company. All Insurers have provided details of their officers to Ken trade

Early in January it was possible to clear goods using the Manual Marine certificates, since most importers and clearing agents had not been assigned password in Ken Trade , however, as from mid of Jan, 2017 no imports initiated from 1st Jan are being cleared without the online certificate.


The following are the Key steps in the registration process:-

  1. Either the Importer or their Clearing agent can register Shipment in the Portal
  2. The Importer will be required to contact Ken trade for registration and training, they can be contacted via  [email protected] or Tel. 4965000 ( Call  Call Ms. MwanauluIssa or [email protected] ; Billy Ngumi   [email protected]
  3. Upon the Importer acquiring the access Credentials they will be required to capture details of each shipment in the portal and indicate the insurance company they are working with and intermediary where applicable. 
  4. Insurer/Underwriter will compute Premium and approve the online requisition.
  5. The Importer & Insurer  can view and Print online certificate which  can be   presented to customs for Clearance of goods

NB:  It is Important to note that only Marine Cargo Insurance certificates, issued through Ken Trade Portal are Valid for Cargo clearance by KRA officials.

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